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Panasonic Festival

2015, Character design, layout, and advertising for special promotion.

Sinus Persicus Suite

2016, Saman Bank

Composer & conductor: Shahdad Rohani. 

Poster, Brochure, and invention card.

Greeting card

2018, Saman Bank

Design and print with cut out paper idea.


2013, Saman Bank

Working with keywords like Success and Cooperation to advertise the bank services.

Editing photos that shows part of life and adding a few text and illustration to transfer concepts better. This projects covered digital and printable media 

Gift card Advertising

2017, Saman Bank

‌‌Blending two concepts for having a complex idea for a gift card poster. Camera to take photos from a happy moment of life and gift card as a present
with different designs and characters. This projects covered digital and printable media  

"WIN CARD" advertising campaign

2014, Saman Bank

The idea comes from Professor Balthazar, who is able to solve all problems by using his magical machine. that was the first step to introducing the new product and how can collect the point with ''WIN CARD''. The campaign included brochures, magazine advertising, and billboards.

Brand Book

2021, Kofka Coffee

(logo system, Color theme, character design, typography)

Proper water consumption campaign

In 2015, Saman Bank

The award winner campaign was designed for one year in addition to all advertisements to make people more aware of the correct water consumption pattern. that campaign had many aspects and media such as digital and printed calendars, Advertising based on newspapers, billboards, social media, TV of the bank, and support for the national volleyball team (covering all stadium advertising). 


3rd place among 1200 artists in live model sketching by hand competition, 2010.

Rebranding Project

2020, Salam Toronto News

Changing the printable weekly magazine to new website and app. the project includes user experience research, brand book(logo system, Color theme, character design, typography), website, and social media 

Annual Report

2013~2018,  Saman Bank

Cover Design, Layout design, Photography, and Infograph for annual report book.


2019, the two page layout about Leonard cohen.

Educational App

2021, Seneca College

App with game concept for helping first semester students to communicate with their classmate doing assignments. The project includes game concept, user experience research, and UI Design

Motion Graphic

Saman bank advertising with motion graphic.

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